Zupee FAQs

Zupee is a live trivia gaming app with cash prizes. You compete live with multiple player and you win real money for answering questions correctly and quickly. It's that simple.
Register in the tournament. Join in when it starts, tap the correct answer as quickly as you can. Don't be late. That's it.
The sooner you give the correct response, the higher will be your score. If you give incorrect answer you will get zero score. The better your score is the better will be your rank.
Zupee Gold is like Zupee. But in Zupee Gold we have Gold Tournaments in which you can pay real money to participate.
Safety pack is a way to protect your loss in some tournaments. Please check below terms and conditions for details
Safety Pack Terms
Based on your rank, check out the prize distribution, if you want to extract the winnings. Go to Withdraw coins -> Enter the coins you want to withdraw which will be 10*Amount -> Enter your PayTM number. That's it. You cannot withdraw if your winnings are less than 10 coins. So keep playing and keep piling up your stack
Live tournament is the one which is played by all the participants simultaneously. All the tournaments with 'REGISTRATIONS OPEN' status are live tournament that will start at the specified time. Please register for it and be on the app at that time sharp to compete with others in real time and win money!
Gold tournament is a Live Tournament which appears only in Zupee Gold App. When you pay for a Gold tournament we deduct first from your Added coins and then the rest amount from Real coins.
When a Live tournament is over it gets converted into relive tournament. So that new people coming to the app can practice on it. You can play relives any number of times as you want. Ranks in relive tournament don't earn you money. They only help you practice for the upcoming Live tournament.
Coin is just a multiplier of real money. Coins = 10*Amount. Example 100 coins = 10 Rupees.
You have been active on app for past too many tournaments. Take some time to cool down and find a way to enjoy the cash you earned here! Cooldown periods are usually of 1 day.
Bonus coins cannot be withdrawn while Real coins can be. You can use bonus coins to pay for bonus tournaments. Bonus coins also gets unlocked to added coins if you lose in a gold tournament. When you refer other people you earn Bonus coin. When you win in a tournament you earn Real coins
Added coins is a class of coins in Zupee Gold App. When you add coins by paying it goes to added coins.
Please ensure that before using the app you are connected to Wifi, or have 4G network for superior experience.
You need to play in the tournament to be eligible for Prize Money. If your score is 0 and your rank is in the Prize Distribution, you won't be eligible for the prize.
Email us at support@zupee.in